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We are changing naturally!

Care for the environment appreciates even the smallest of gestures. That is why our brand Joanna naturally starts its route to better the world from changing itself and our new logo is the symbol of those changes.

With time everything changes its looks, character, awareness, needs and expectations. It is completely natural. Unfortunately, nowadays, it is also the climate and our surroundings that are subject to this process as a result of many years of transgressions against nature. The good part is there are many people who notice this problem. Consequently, we are striving to live more consciously by respecting the nature, limiting the number of products we use, paying attention to their ingredients and modifying our diets. The reason for all this is that protecting the environment originates in taking care of ourselves, gradually eliminating bad habits and working out new, better ones. This is a never-ending process, however, every single most minuscule gesture counts. We have been recently executing countless such gestures in Joanna Cosmetic Laboratory. They have transformed our brand so strongly that for the second time in the 40 years of our activity we have decided to change our logo. It is simple and clear, like the formulas of our new products, and modern and dynamic at the same time, like the changes we have been implementing in Joanna. The new logo is the symbol of the direction we have decided to follow from now on. What have we achieved so far?

We are limiting the use of plastic

Do you know that close to 8.3 billion tons of plastic have already been produced around the world? This is the equivalent of the weight of one billion elephants. Half of this amount has been produced over the past 15 years. We say stop to that! In 2020 we are foregoing the use of any non-ecological materials, such as dark or black coloured packages that obstruct recycling. We are also limiting the use of plastic by “slimming down” our bottles and caps. This will allow us to reduce the amount of waste by 25.5 tons! The newly shaped bottles are also recycling-friendly and their structure allows you to use every last drop of the product.

We are reducing our carbon footprint

We are fully aware that any human activity influences the environment and for that reason we are doing everything in our power to reduce this impact. It starts at the production stage. We are able to reduce the use of energy thanks to applying special technologies that shorten the production time of cosmetic mass, using energy saving light bulbs and motion sensors to temporarily light up the alleys, as well as heating the rooms with the heat recovered form the outside or adjusting the size of the mixing machines to the increasing needs. The last solution also allows limiting the amount of waste, since smaller machines work more and requiring more frequent cleaning. For the same reason we have replaced old transport containers to ones that have polished surfaces on the inside. Thanks to that less product residue stays on the walls which leads to less cosmetic mass ends up in the pre-treatment plant. We have also modernised the machine park in the pre-treatment plants, which allows obtaining residue with large amounts of impurities and little water. This, in turn, has significantly limited the amount of waste transports during a year. The received sludge is used to produce high-caloric alternative fuel, which is utilised by big, energy-intensive industrial plants such as cement mills. Nothing goes to waste!

We are vege

The reports of world organisations clearly state that plant based diet and eliminating livestock farming is one of the first steps to help save our planet. The changes are moving in the right directions since already over one million Poles are vegetarians and vegans and two more million are planning to make this diet and lifestyle change soon. We have joined this company! This year, we have released into the market the first vegan Joanna line – Sensual Vegan body and face hair removal products. The strips are made of 100% natural ingredients and their nonwoven fabric is fully biodegradable. All cosmetics have Viva! certificate awarded by Foundation International Animal Movement – Viva! only to those products that contain no animal product, by-product or derivative in the ingredients (this applies to raw materials, production process and the final product). The certificate guarantees that the product was not tested on animals and its plant components do not originate from genetically modified crops.

As we know, the appetite grows with eating; therefore we will soon release our next vegan series of Viva! certified products, this time hair care cosmetics. It is composed of three lines: moisturising for normal and dry hair, regenerating for porous and damaged hair and purifying for greasy hair. The formulas of our Vegan products are simple and they contain a minimal amount of ingredients, 97.5% of which are of natural origin. Why not 100%? Because the safety of our products is as important to us as environmental care, hence 2.5% are synthetic ingredients that protect our products from the loss of quality.

We promote a natural style and minimalism

A modern Styling Effect line provides highly natural hair styling. We have used in it many innovative ingredients that highlight the natural beauty and dynamics of hair. This is not all. The new Styling Effect products combine hair care and hair styling, which allows you to minimise the amount of purchased and used cosmetics. For the environment less is more.

We care about valuable ingredients

We carefully select ingredients for our products so that they are safe not only for the skin and health, but also for the environment. We use raw materials only from certified suppliers and create simple, clear and efficient formulas, which are dermatologically tested to confirm their safety.